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Wal-Mart Stores To Operate 24 Hours a Day

Wow, some Wal-Mart stores in Calgary will be opening their doors December 1 and not closing them again until Christmas Eve!

Store locations included in this shopping around the clock opportunity are:

Sounds a bit much, but I'm sure this will come as good news to many Calgarians. Those that work shiftwork, those that work weekends, those that just can't fit everything in will welcome the extention of the stores' hours.

What I'm wondering is with Alberta's labour crunch, how well will these stores be staffed???


- Lesli

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  1. 1

    Lloyd Evans said:

    i typed a message and previewed it and tried to send it but it got lost somewhere,at this point i dont care if i see walmart again

    Posted at 02:46 AM, on March 17 2009
  1. 2


    That's good I like it now I can go to shop late nice and quiet,day time soooooo many people

    Posted at 01:49 AM, on December 21 2009
  1. 3

    CJ said:

    I wish Walmart was open 24hrs a day now.
    I don't have enough hours in a day as it is now
    Never mind when Christmas comes. It would be
    Nice if they could be open 24hrs now.

    Posted at 01:53 AM, on August 30 2010

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