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Zorbing at Canada Olympic Park


Want to try something different this summer? Well, Canada Olympic Park now has New Zealand adventure activity zorbing. On your Z-trip, you'll be strapped into a life-size opaque ball then you will flip and slip as the ball rolls down a hill. There's the "Flip-Trip" dry z-pod ride, or the "Slip-Trip" wet z-pod. Restrictions are Z-trippers must be 6 years or older, 250 lb (114 kg) maximum, and 5'6" or taller.

Costs are Individual $29, Additional rides, same day $20.
Groups (12-39 people) $25 pp
Groups (40+ people) $22 pp

For more information, check out the Canada Olympic Park website.

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  1. 1

    Jessica said:

    My supervisor at work and I were discussing "extreme" sports the other day. I had mentioned that I had gone zorbing in New Zealand, and it was a blast, something that if possible to find around here, that it is an experience that must not be missed on. Together, my sister and I tried the "slip-trip" and we laughed the whole way through. It was so much fun. I can't believe that this is available here. All all I can say is "ALL IN!! Road trip!!"

    Posted at 08:32 PM, on December 31 2008
  1. 2

    Travis Rosner said:

    I would like to go Zorbing! But im only 5'4". Im 20 years old. Why do you have to be a certain height?

    Posted at 03:01 AM, on January 29 2010

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